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i am completely weak and pathetic. i ate an entire 10 inch three cheese pizza. i couldn't stop. i haven't had cheese in weeks. i feel disgusting and gross and have been throwing up for an hour. my body is, thank god, rejecting all that fat. but throwing up just isn't making me feel any better. i feel so sick and it won't go away.

the only good part is that i never, ever want to eat pizza again.
When They Were Brothers

bow down before Lady Liquor

So drunken_hawkeye keeps peering into my brain. But here it is for me:

Yogurt: 90 cals
Sandwich: 220 cals
151: um, not particularly sure, but I'll go with.... 150 because I've had a lot of it
460 total

I didn't want the sandwich, but my tailor made me sit down and eat it under threat of being beaten with her sewing machine and new buttons. And you don't argue with an angry Indian mother/seamstress.
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